Global Head of Client Product in Moscow HQ
Dostavista is part of - one of the biggest and most technologically advanced players in the global same-day delivery market. We deliver unparalleled convenience to businesses and people, all the while creating millions of self-managed courier jobs. Our couriers, like modern taxi drivers, work via mobile apps on their own schedule. Almost one million students, security guards, waiters, etc.. used Dostavista to make a living or supplement their income. Give our product a try, both as a courier and as a client. It really does rock!

If you join us, we promise a unique experience of working for a truly global company, where global reach is not just a list of supported languages, but a heavy-duty, sleeves-up-to-your-shoulders, local operation. Eun Joosang and Pedro Lopez can testify.

Our client product is a set of 20 mobile apps and 10 websites: all developed and released individually, but built on top of a single API. In each country where we operate we have to account for local peculiarities, market maturity, level of competition, local established must and should haves. To stay sane, we try to build our sites and apps as a puzzle that can be assembled from many customizable pieces.

As a head of client product, you will have to work closely with country teams and take a deep dive into our markets. You will have to learn why clients in Vietnam prefer to place orders by chat, but not Facebook chat. Or why 30 minutes pick up time is ok in Russia, but not ok in South Korea. You get the idea... You will need extreme organizational skills to survive. You will be bombarded with tasks from 15 directions. Some will be pistol shots or grenades flying from the desk next to you. Others will be intercontinental missiles from our Asian or Latin American markets. You will need to keep all of them on your radar and hold your defense using data, logic, experience and business acumen.

Our client product team is still very small, just under 20 people, and is expected to grow 4-5 times in the next 2 years. We are constantly going through organizational and structural changes as we scale our operations and the product development team with them. You'd fit right in if you are always looking for ways to drive up efficiency and are capable of bringing change.

We don't know you yet, but we think you are the kind of person who people go to for advice, capable of stepping into anyone's shoes, open to unknown, questioning postulates and naturally rationalizing any behavior. You are likely to be at least a little bit into brain science, exploring or open to meditation and healthy biohacking. And of course, self-development is a perpetual part of your life.

What you will do:

  • Analyze local markets, talk to stakeholders and customers, discover our strengths & weaknesses, come up with product improvements, shape our unique proposition and marketing strategy.

  • Build simple financial models and make smart projections.

  • Plan and prioritize product development roadmap.

  • Analyze key product and marketing metrics.

  • Manage and grow your team members.

  • Organize and improve processes.

You will not survive without:

  • Structured thinking.

  • Hands-on, expert knowledge of any related subject area.

  • Understanding of LEAN principles and customer development techniques.

  • Advanced knowledge of at least one data analytics tool: Excel, SQL or any BI system.

  • Strong project management skills.

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.

  • Excellent spoken and written English.

  • Lots of energy and drive to succeed

Email your resume and a cover letter, explaining why you are the best candidate for the job to [email protected]